Welcome to Kol Nefesh Masorti (KNM) Synagogue

We hold our services in the centre of Edgware and hope to see you there - Click for details; We are an inclusive, dynamic and welcoming egalitarian, Masorti (Conservative) community located in Edgware, North West London. Browse this site to learn about our services, our activities of educational and social events, including our youth programme, our Rabbi and our Cantor.

Joel Levy became the Rabbi of Kol Nefesh Masorti in September 2001. He was the director of Noam and is now Director of The Conservative Yeshivah in Jerusalem.

On the tragic events in Paris

By Masorti Judaism's Senior Rabbi, Jonathan Wittenberg

What does one say after these violent, vile, tragic and frightening events, events which are significant and iconic in ways which we cannot yet understand?

First of all, our thoughts are with the families of all the victims in their shock and sorrow, with the relatives and friends of those taken hostage and murdered in the kosher supermarket, Yoav Hattab, Philippe Braham, Yohan Cohen, Francois-Michel Saada; of those killed in the offices of Charlie Hebdo, and of the police officers who died fulfilling their duty of trying to protect the citizens of Paris. May God give them strength and comfort.

We stand in solidarity with the Jewish communities of Paris and France; they have suffered many violent attacks over the past months, but nothing as appalling as what happened on Friday. Parisian colleagues with whom I spoke told me of how terrifying these days have been, especially for their children.

EAJL Seminar with Joey Weisenberg March 13-15th

(More about Joey at http://www.mixcloud.com/jewishmusicinstitute/eajl-song-seminar-2015)

EAJL is bringing over Joey Weisenberg from Mechon Hadar in New York to the UK for a very beautiful Shabbaton at New London Synagogue, Abbey Road, London NW9 0AT from Friday 13 to Sunday 15 March. After the Shabbaton at New London, the Sunday Seminar will be held at Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue, Rectory Lane, Edgware. Joey is a legend in that he and Mechon Hadar have brought a new expression to Jewish prayer through old nigun, revitalising minyanim whose members want to be participants and not audience. Our work at EAJL is with lay people who do just that. Please come and enjoy an experience of renewing the spirit.

Flyer at http://www.eajl.org/downloads/Joey2015.pdf.

Bookings are made via www.eajl.org.

Are there still Jews in Ethiopia?

Several of KNM's members have visited Ethiopia and seen the Jewish communities in Gondar and Addis. Hila Bram, a member of KNM, runs a small charity supporting Jews in Gondar who have not been able to make Aliyah. Hila will be speaking about the remaining Jews of Ethiopia, and the work her charity does in support of the Gondar community. The talk will be on March 21st following Havdalah at 7.00pm.

Visit of Arieh and Nava Abramovitz - Learn Cheironomy

We are delighted that Aryeh and Nava Abramovitz, good friends of Rabbi Joel and members of Kehilat Ma'ayanot (Rabbi Joel's Jerusalem community), will be visiting Kol Nefesh over the weekend of 13-14 February. The weekend will begin with a Kabbalat Shabbat and potluck at Jacky and Brian's. On Shabbat, Aryeh has offered to teach us the system of cheironomy (Torah-reading hand signals) that he uses to great effect at Ma'ayanot. All who want to learn this system or see it in action are invited to stay after services for a bagel lunch.

Noam—the year ahead

By Joel Fenster, Noam Mazkir

In the story of the Israelites entering Egypt, there are few more prominent relationships than the one between the brothers Joseph and Benjamin. Initially Benjamin is sheltered, left behind while the brothers seek out Joseph in his new home. Later, only at Joseph’s insistence, do they bring him out from safety and into this foreign land. While certainly not the central theme of the portion, we are learning of what must have been a transformative experience in Benjamin’s life. With this exception, however, the reader is witness to relatively few developmental moments in Benjamin’s upbringing. Throughout biblical sources he is regarded as a young person, and then without warning we find out that he is a father of ten sons (Genesis 46:21).

Yom Masorti

Here are all of the details for this years Yom Masorti.

Book now for this Year's Yom Masorti here.

Did you know last year's Yom Masorti was the biggest ever tripling the numbers since its inaugural event in 2011? We had such wonderful sessions from four Masorti Rabbis to Lord Maurice Glassman. Liz Preter, a member of Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue and co-chair of the Yom Masorti organising committee commented: “I love Masorti Judaism because it feels like a real family. Yom Masorti was all about people of all background and all ages getting together, being proud of our communities, and celebrating our achievements, our dynamism and our creative potential. The day showed how fast we’re growing – there was a great buzz and a real feeling of vibrancy.”

KNM Calendar

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Non-Orthodox Jews prohibited from praying in Knesset synagogue

This article appeared in Ha'aretz on Nov 26th (and was also covered here).

Non-Orthodox Jews prohibited from praying in Knesset synagogue
Group of mainly Conservative rabbinical students told synagogue is reserved exclusively for Orthodox prayer service

A large group of non-Orthodox rabbinical students, attending an event at the Knesset this week, were told they could not make use of the synagogue on its premises because it was reserved exclusively for Orthodox prayer services.

Divrei Torah

A central feature of Kol Nefesh Shabbat services is the reading from the Torah, and a Devar Torah (Word of the Torah) based around the weekly reading.

We will publish here any Divrei Torah written or delivered by our members, either from a shabbat service or in the Masorti Reflections leaflet, or also sent in from external Masorti teachers and Rabbis.

[if you'd like to give a Devar Torah at Kol Nefesh, please contact Jeremy Kelly]

Here is a link to a Devar Torah from Rabbi Joel on Vayera, and, below, one on Miketz from Georgia Kaufmann and here for Hayei Sarah from Rabbah Arlene Berger (2014).