A shabbat with Cantor Gastón Bogomolni

We have an amazing Shabbat on Hol Hamoed Pesach. We are privileged to be hosting Cantor Gastón Bogomolni, originally from Argentina and now working and teaching in Boston. He is in the UK for ethnomusicological research and his degree will be from Sheffield University.

He will be with us for Kabbalat Shabbat at Jackie and Brian's (please contact Jackie if you want to attend) and will be in shul on Shabbat morning, where he will be leading part of the service in Morrocan style and also Ladino. After the Kiddush we will have a ‘Lunch and Learn’ where Gaston will talk about his research on the development of a Friday Night Experience in Argentinian Masorti shuls, with a lot of singing! If anyone has been to Bnai Jeshurun in New York you won’t want to miss this!

Welcome to Kol Nefesh Masorti (KNM) Synagogue

We hold our services in the centre of Edgware and hope to see you there - Click for details; We are an inclusive, dynamic and welcoming egalitarian, Masorti (Conservative) community located in Edgware, North West London. Browse this site to learn about our services, our activities of educational and social events, including our youth programme, our Rabbi and our Cantor.

Joel Levy became the Rabbi of Kol Nefesh Masorti in September 2001. He was the director of Noam and is now Director of The Conservative Yeshivah in Jerusalem.

Kol Nefesh social events

Kol Nefesh has a regular Book club, where we discuss books, read plays, and have the occasional theatre visit. We recently discussed 'The Hare with Amber Eyes' by Edmund de Waal.

For more about the book, http://www.edmunddewaal.com/writing/the-hare-with-amber-eyes/about-the-b... and a review, http://www.theguardian.com/books/2010/jun/06/book-review-de-waal-memoir-...,

On May 3rd we'll discuss 'Bagels for Breakfast' by author and ex-member Neil Rose.

We'll be visiting the Jewish Museum exhibition on 'Jews in WW1' on May 18th and discussing World War One poetry on June 7th.

For details, see the Book Club page.

And we are now starting an occasional Games evening. Look out for details of the next one, and for other events on our Facebook page.



On Thursday 24 April, we'll celebrate our first Maimouna at Marc & Shelley's (6.30-8.30pm). Maimouna, a festival of chametz eating the day after Pesach, was first celebrated by Moroccan Jews but now includes as many as two million Israelis.

There are many theories as to the origins of the name of the festival: Some hold that the day after Pesach is the yahrzeit of Maimon ben Joseph, the father of Maimonides (the Rambam). Rambam's father lived in Fez (Morocco) and died around 1170. Others say Maimouna is derived from the Arabic word for wealth (literally "protected by God," ma'amoun). Still others connect Maimouna with the word emunah ("belief"), claiming it celebrates belief in Israel's redemption. According to all traditions the day is celebrated with visiting friends and family, eating chametz in various forms, singing and general merriment.


This PESACH GUIDE from the Rabbinical Assembly of the Masorti Movement gives the latest guidance on the complex laws of Passover food.

Download this form to sell your Hametz. Please return the form to Chazan Jacky by Wednesday April 9th.

Yom Masorti

Did you know this year's Yom Masorti was the biggest ever tripling the numbers since its inaugural event in 2011? We had such wonderful sessions from four Masorti Rabbis to Lord Maurice Glassman. Liz Preter, a member of Kol Nefesh Masorti Synagogue and co-chair of the Yom Masorti organising committee commented: “I love Masorti Judaism because it feels like a real family. Yom Masorti was all about people of all background and all ages getting together, being proud of our communities, and celebrating our achievements, our dynamism and our creative potential. The day showed how fast we’re growing – there was a great buzz and a real feeling of vibrancy.”

47 members of Kol Nefesh attended this great event, probabaly the largest proportion of members from any of our communities. And we had so many members helping to make the day a success. Thank you to Liz and all of her volunteers for this.

Thankyou for our Kol Nidrei Appeal donation to the Israeli Masorti movement

We received this letter from Laura Lewis, thanking us for the donation to the Israeli Masorti Movement from our Kol Nidrei appeal.

= Dear Members of Kol Nefesh,

Thank you for your wonderful and generous donation to our Masorti Movement in Israel. As a former Northwest Londoner, I feel particularly proud to have you on board.

We are palpably excited about the changing facts on the ground in Israel. The on-going negotiations towards government-funded expansion of Robinson’s Arch, the egalitarian section of the Kotel (pictured above) represents an enormous opening for the growth of religious pluralism in Israel. For the first time, all Jews, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or conversion status, will be able pray in fully egalitarian services at Judaism’s most holy site whenever they wish, 24/7, with Sifrey Torah, siddurim and all religious services needed, as at the regular Kotel Plaza.


American Acappella choir Pizmon enlivened our Purim service this year, bringing their amazing singing to Edgware.

Current articles on Masorti Judaism

December 2013
Gill Caplin writes about Masorti Olami (Global Masorti) in 'Times of Israel'. "Conservative/Masorti Judaism has rejuvenated itself everywhere that Jews can be found. It will continue to do so." Here's hoping.

October 2013
Of course, the orthodox rabbinate has to question our kashrut.....
Go and buy wine from Rujum winery in Mitzpe Ramon.

February 2013
And now, Masorti wine


For the first time in Israel, a winery, (Rujum, the High Desert Winery near Mitzpe Ramon), has Masorti, not Orthodox, kosher supervision. The Masorti hashgacha (supervision) agreement also calls for a living wage for employees and transparency to assure that salaries and taxes are paid.

September 2012